Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chicago Park District publishes new directory of arts spaces

Many artists across the city engage with the Chicago Park District’s cultural programs and events. From Park Cultural Instructors who offer over 3,000 annual arts classes in all disciplines to patrons of all ages. To local arts organizations who've made homes for their growing organizations through the Arts Partners in Residence Program. To local artists and audiences brought together in public space each summer during the 1,000 events produced by Night Out in the Parks. Chicago has the largest urban Park District in America, and the arts and culture programming that takes place in park space is something Chicagoans take pleasure and pride in. This October, the Chicago Park District publishes a brand new resource that furthers the vision of the Parks as dynamic cultural resources: the Chicago Parks Arts Spaces directory.

Chicago Parks Arts Spaces directory makes it easier for the community to discover park spaces that can be rented for culturally-focused classes, rehearsal, performance, and art-making, all within vibrant community settings. The new directory highlights an initial group of 71 parks spaces across 38 neighborhoods, furthering the District’s goal to continue to welcome, celebrate, and foster Chicago’s vibrant art scene in neighborhoods beyond the city center. Additional rental spaces to be added in the coming year.

Visit the Chicago Parks Arts Spaces directory here.

Chicago Parks Arts Spaces is brought to you by Chicago Park District in partnership with Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and Fractured Atlas.

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