Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank You

We had our annual gala on Monday night and it went very well. The gala raises a significant amount of money for the operations of the League. But, more than that, the event, like no other I can think of, brings together so many different pieces of what makes up our community. We give some awards (this year to Boeing, Teatro Vista and The New Colony) and this year the speeches all touched on what this community means to all of these companies. As I looked around the room I saw people from companies large and small, some of them are on the board of the League, some were volunteers for the event and still others were guests of those who bought tables. There were representatives from foundations and corporations and from the universities. There were corporate and foundation folks and some just plain folks who support the League and Chicago theatre. 250 people were there in all and it was a fantastic room. As I looked around and listened to the speeches I was filled with pride for the League and for this community. It was an honor to be responsible for bringing those people together and it is an honor to lead this organization. I thank all of you who support the League in so many ways and bring so much joy and vitality to our city.


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