Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Day

Tomorrow will mark the last day at the League for “Hot Tix Andy.” Andy has been the face of Hot Tix for thousands of patrons and the voice of Hot Tix for all of our theatres, calling each of you with your Hot Tix wrap for the day and working with you to get your tickets on sale. Andy has been with the League since before my time and has been incredibly valuable to us since I have been here. We will miss him terribly but we are very fortunate that Joe Wescott will be taking over his position, Joe has been with us at Hot Tix for three years and is very knowledgeable and he is the famously funny voice of our popular Twitter feed.

Please welcome Joe to his new post and join the League staff as we send Andy off with our best wishes and hopes for continued success in all he does.



Kim said...

Yay, Andy - You're the best! Good luck, I'm sure we'll all miss your voice saying "You sold ___ tickets tonight!"

Jenn Kincaid said...

Andy - Greenhouse will miss you terribly, but having worked closely with Joe...Greenhouse will miss you terribly :)

Just Kidding Joe! - so happy for both of you. You are going to be awesome in this new gig.

We'll be talking to you both really soon!

JCEstlin said...

Andy - thanks for all your great help over the years, and for always being so positive, even when your call was "we didn't sell any tickets tonight" Best wishes to you wherever you're headed off to...

Jennifer Estlin
Annoyance Theatre

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you Andy! Thanks for all your help over the years!

DCA Theater

The Mertes Family said...

But we love Joe Wescott.....from all the Wescott's in Wichita!