Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Forward

I was very happy to see so many folks at our annual meeting last week. It was actually kind of fun. I am not afraid to admit that public speaking scares me to death but it really isn’t so bad with such a receptive crowd. The half hour or so we spent socializing before the meeting was pretty great as well. I love to see everyone talking and having fun, I sort of hated to interrupt. I gave a short speech about the last year and what’s coming up. If you read this blog regularly you already know everything I talked about. Roche, in his last annual meeting as chairman of the League board introduced all of our new board members, who are listed in the broadcast.

I am looking forward to the next year with great anticipation, I think it is going to be, as the past year was, exciting and challenging. One of my major goals (aside from the goals of the League) is to meet more of you and to see more of your shows.

Only seven people responded to our survey about topics for Theater Dish, so we’re thinking that is not the most popular program. For now, we are not going to schedule any more Theater Dish events unless something comes up that seems like it might have a lot of interest for the community. As always, please feel free to bring something you think would be interesting to us and we will endeavor to make it happen.



Tony Adams said...

In lieu of Theatre Dish, what about plain old socializing events. I still hear about the old retreats they did before I moved here. Maybe not a full scale retreat, but maybe monthly cocktails or something?

(along with the side benefit of maybe helping get everyone introduced locally before TCG conference)

devilvet said...

I agree with Tony. If there is beer, they will come (I will).