Thursday, October 15, 2009


I wrote a while back about communication and how we can better communicate with you. Communication also happens to have been the theme of the recent Storefront Summit, which if you didn’t attend, I would highly encourage you to attend the next one which will be announced soon. Anyway, we have made the broadcast easier to read (we hope), but I am still running into people on a fairly regular basis who are members or who work in member organizations who are unaware of what is going on at the League. So we continue to look for and work on better ways to communicate, to get our message to people who want to hear it. It’s really the same problem as communicating with patrons I think. What is the best way to get the message out? Does the broadcast not work anymore? Is there a better way? If the broadcast is the only way to reach a large number of individuals, what is a good way to get people to read it? It seems kind of silly that we have this problem with so many different types of communications at hand these days, but maybe that’s the problem. Are there too many ways? In the olden days people opened their mail and answered their phones and that was it. Maybe it was harder to ignore. What’s hard to ignore now? I think nothing is hard to ignore because we have so many messages bombarding us. Are there examples of things you never ignore? And I don’t mean phone messages from your mother, your boss, whatever…are there messages that are not personal that you actually enjoy receiving. Hmmm…I actually don’t know the answer to that for myself. I’m going to think about it. In the meantime, any suggestions would, as always, be appreciated.



Unknown said...

I love email. Read it regularly & religiously, including weekly League blasts which I find both informative and helpful. It is probably the single best way to get my attention. I never remember to go to a website to check a blog, paper mail has to be filed and is too easy to put on a stack and forget about, texts are short and better for personal things. That's my 2 cents...

Tony Adams said...

Was summit time and place posted anywhere publicly?

I don't know many folks outside the league offices who know what's happening other than selling hottix.

I dunno. I find the broadcast helpful. But I wonder how much of it is disseminated past the initial recipients throughout companies.

What does the league do for companies with less than seven-figure budgets is a really common question I hear. (often not in a combatitive tone, but asked in earnest.)

What's a bit troubling to me is that pretty much everyone I heard from talk about why the summit is needed started with "the league doesn't care about small companies. Small companies need to start their own thing."

But the vast majority of members are small companies are they not? I have my issues with hottix and forcing every member to deal with ticketmaster, but I think there's a serious lack of awareness of what else the league does.

I guess I don't get why so many people think the league isn't already doing what folks thing they need the summit for? Or if the league isn't, then why?

I guess I'd ask what is the message before what's the best way to deliver it?

D-slayer said...

Things get missed on your blog or later I'll find a reference to something earlier and not be able to find the original post. A search engine for your blog would be nice.