Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sign up for Ingenuity's Theatre Summit

Are you interested in advocating for theatre partners and theatre instructors in CPS? Are you hoping to make connections with schools interested in bringing theatre programming to their students?

Ingenuity's Theatre Summit will explore how schools, teachers and community partners come together to identify and fill the most pressing theatre needs in each school. Participate in a collaborative workshop series that utilizes Ingenuity’s Creative Schools data to explore school needs and theatre gaps. Participants will review data in each area of the city as a springboard to strategically plan partnerships that meet school needs. The Institute Summit has four goals to support arts educators’ work in schools:
• help identify the strengths and gaps in services for individual CPS schools and their geographic area
• share the gap analysis with invested stakeholders, and facilitate discussion between schools and theatre partners on how to fill programming gaps
• highlight, through program demonstrations, current best practices between CPS schools and theatre partners
• explore the elements of designing and implementing an exceptional theatre education programs from concept to assessment

Part I of the Theatre Summit is designed exclusively for theatre arts partners working within CPS.

Part II of the Theatre Summit will match theatre arts partners with CPS administrators, principals, teachers, and arts liaisons seeking to increase, enhance, and enrich their theatre offerings.

This is a two-part (two-days, non-consecutive) summit. Theatre Arts Partners: please sign up for BOTH Part I on March 25, 2015 and Part II on April 1, 2015!

Sign up at and search Theatre Summit!

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