Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valuable Resources from Season of Concern

Since 1987, Season of Concern has been working with the Chicagoland theatre community raising funds to provide direct care to those living with HIV/AIDS and other debilitating illness or injury. During that time, Season of Concern has distributed over 2.5 million dollars to more than 35 Chicago-based service agencies who have been instrumental in the fight against this epidemic. Thanks to the efforts of countless individuals and organizations, HIV/AIDS is no longer the death sentence that it was when the organization began.

Several years ago, Season of Concern expanded its mission through the Biscotto-Miller Fund to provide relief for members of the theatre and performance community who need assistance to cope with any debilitating illness or injury. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of spirit from Chicago theatre artists and patrons, Season of Concern has benefited hundreds of people in the entertainment industry – actors, directors, designers, technicians, playwrights – who have experienced health-related emergencies and medical issues. Working closely with The Actors Fund, Season of Concern is a valuable resource, and we are here to provide assistance.

If illness or injury has deprived you or someone you know in Chicago's theatre or performing arts community of the ability to meet basic living expenses like food and rent, please contact either Season of Concern or The Actors Fund for more information about the services and assistance offered. If your theatre would like to contribute through an audience collection campaign, contact Scott Duff, Manager of Communications and Fundraising Events (

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