Thursday, September 4, 2014

News from The Ruckus


The Ruckus is proud to announce the appointment of Derek Van Barham, formerly the literary manager of the company, to the position of artistic director, and Catherine Bullard, formerly the company manager, to the position of executive director. Barham succeeds Allison Shoemaker, now the director of marketing and publicity, and Bullard succeeds Martin Kettling, who remains on the company's board. They also welcome seven new artistic associates: Brooke Allen, Scottie Caldwell, Julie Cowden, Charlotte Mae Ellison, Neal Starbird, Mitch Vermeersch, and Christine Vrem-Ydstie.  


On September 13 The Ruckus is hosting a networking event for playwrights, directors, dramaturgs, producers, and other artists: Theatre Speed-Dating. The event, which is totally free and utterly devoid of romance, is designed to get people talking about their projects, passions, and possible future collaborations. And there's a treat at the end: if you meet everyone on your list, you get a shot, courtesy of Rogers Park Social. Click here for more info, pre-register here, and email with questions.

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