Monday, September 8, 2014


To my magnificent community of Chicago theatre:

There is not a single person in our community who is not grieving our terrible losses today.  Not one of you hasn’t been touched in some way by the remarkable lives taken from us too soon.

It happens; we lose someone, a friend, a colleague, a loved one.  The wider our circle the more loss we risk and in Chicago theatre we have a large and loving family.  But so many, so fast?  It is unimaginable and nearly impossible to bear.  But bear it we must.  “When you are going through hell, keep going.”  It seems trite but it’s the only thing.

To the families and friends of Roy, Sati, Joel, Trinity, Molly and Bernie you have the deepest condolences of thousands of colleagues and audience members who cherished these stars of Chicago theatre.  We join you in your grief and I hope there is some comfort in that.

I hope that this community will be strong for each other and for the families of our fallen comrades.  I hope we will honor them every day in our work.  Roy Leonard’s family included this in his obituary “in lieu of flowers be kind to each other.”  Joe Foust, husband of Molly Glynn posted on Facebook “Love hard people, love hard.”  May this horrible time always remind us to love hard and be kind.  Please take care of yourselves and be safe.


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