Friday, April 4, 2014

Ticket Broker Bill

Please submit a slip of support for HB3958 which is coming up for a committee meeting on Monday, April 7, 2014.  The bill forces ticket brokers to disclose that they are brokers and let patrons know the name and contact information for the theatre.  This bill will prevent brokers from masking their sites as a theatre box office and will prevent patrons from buying tickets that are exorbitantly priced or counterfeit.

The instructions look cumbersome, but it only takes 5 minutes.

How to Submit a Slip of Support for HB3958

- Go to

- Go to GA Dashboard

- Select the House tab

- Select Committee Hearings

- Select the Month tab at the top

- Scroll down the list to the "Business and Occupational Licenses Committee"
- Click on the icon to the right

- The bill is HB3958 - Stephanie Kifowit is the sponsor
- Click on the "Create Witness Slip" icon to the right

- Fill in your personal/organization information

- Under section III Position, select Proponent

- You also have the option to file a written testimony. Please consider taking this action. This will help the committee understand the issues that many patrons and venues are facing.

- If you would like to submit written testimony, please fax to to the Committee Clerk at 217-557-2165. Be sure to include HB3958 Business and Occupational license committee.

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