Thursday, June 13, 2013

Free Materials from EcoSet Consulting

EcoSet Consulting is a company who places leftover set dressing & art department materials from film and commercial productions back into the community. If you are, or know of, a local artist, small business owner, or individual who would benefit from these items, we'd be happy to consider them if the right match. Ideally, we'd like to donate to theaters or local non-profits but we are always open to other groups. The priority is to save these items from landfill! A lot of great set pieces will be available this Monday, June 17th early afternoon.

1) Soffit build: (see photo)
Curved back wall: 2' x 40' Truss: 8' x 45' x 2' (high)
It is skinned with luan and muslin that has been painted and held together mainly with staples--no glue.

2) Carpet: 55 yards grey with a dark green edge on one side. This was actually 2 different rolls that form the stripe.

3) Wood grain table with 2 wood grain round stools that fit underneath

4) Floor protector (will find out if it is cardboard layout board or plastic sheets)

5) Possible wood grain locker builds

6) Kitchenette cabinets and sink. (see photo)

Please indicate if you can bring:
-Enough labor to load
-Proper tools and securing mechanisms
-An appropriate vehicle to haul your items away from set.

Finally it is helpful if you are FLEXIBLE on plans since we are at the mercy of production’s schedule--things change on a dime and is out of our control, so please be prepared. Thank you for helping us keep these materials out of landfill!

If interested, please contact Amy at EcoSet Consulting at

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