Thursday, June 13, 2013

Call for Speakers/Topics for Chicago Theatre (Un) Conference

August 16-18 at Theater Wit
The fourth annual Chicago Theater (Un)Conference is back, a joint effort between the League of Chicago Theatres and Theater Wit. A full weekend structured to maximize conversation and exploration more than presentation self-generated from the Chicago Theater Community. We're mixing it up this year with a new format designed to create new ideas and work those ideas back into the community. You can suggest a topic and we'll find someone to talk meaningfully about it, or even better, why not volunteer to run a session and attend the conference for free? We want to hear from you about your ideas and questions for new work, audience engagement, playwright relations, venues, programming, outreach, benefits, dance, puppetry, accounting, legal issues, direction, design, community outreach. What new ideas are you toying around with? Looking to expand into? Experimented with in the last year? Click on the links and we'll get started.

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