Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sports and Theatre

So, I saw this and really, whatever you think about the argument about actors not being real men…I whooped for joy. Why? A sports franchise is trying to LURE PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE THEATRE. It’s what I’ve always wanted to see. I know, its Broadway and its different, but I have always dreamed of a world where the Cubs were beating down our doors to advertise in our programs. Also, I’m always trying to think of ways we can be more like sports teams, inspiring that kind of loyalty, etc., after all, we are so similar in what we offer – drama…excitement…thrills and yes, flying men. Instead of spending time worrying about what the makers of this ad think of us, I would love to see the person who comes up with the counter ad, the one we put on a billboard outside of Wrigley that says, essentially, instead of watching another boring baseball game (and let’s face it most of them are boring, I’m sorry, I love baseball but the games are boring) come watch some real men fly and a picture of Scrooge…or something…hey, I’m not the one who thinks up ad campaigns, but you get my drift.


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