Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get Out the Vote

So, here we are, last blog before election day. I know that we can all be very apathetic about elections and politicians but I can’t help it, I’m kind of a sap about it. I LOVE to vote. It just feels so good. So many of my friends are voting early this year and that’s great but I love to go to the polls and see my name and have it checked off by a grouchy poll worker. It makes it feel like what it is, a privilege. I think election day should be the biggest holiday this country has. Anyway…

I will be working all night on Monday and a half day on Tuesday on get out the vote efforts across the country. I hope you all will go out and vote even though we can be assured of the outcome of the presidential election in Illinois there is a lot more to evaluate. You can get a sample ballot here if you live in Chicago. And, I hear you saying “Deb, I just don’t know about all those judges, I’d hate to vote for a bad one”…well, here’s your answer

And, contact your friends and family far and wide and tell them how important it is as well, even if they are sick of the fighting and the lies – I truly believe that our political system will never be fixed if the percentage of eligible voters voting doesn’t rise above 50%. Vote for the best candidate and then hold them accountable to the reasons you voted for them. It’s the only way to make things better, otherwise we continue to allow money to rule.


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