Monday, November 5, 2012

Something From Nothing: A 2 day Intensive on Devised Theatre

Led by Quinn Bauriedel, Co-Artistic Director & Co-Founder - Pig Iron Theatre Co.; School Director - Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training

Spots will go fast!

Saturday, November 17th - 10a-5p
Sunday, November 18th - 10a-4p

The Den Theatre
1333 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL

The total cost of the workshop is $150, and must be paid in full prior to the workshop.

For more information, instructions on payment, and to reserve your spot, please contact: Kendra Miller or call 917-287-2153

Something from Nothing: A Workshop in Theatrical Creation with OBIE Award-winning Pig Iron Theatre Company
Learn the process of creating an ensemble-based work of theatre through Pig Iron's tried-and-true creation processes. Participants will be given performance assignments: themes, stories, characters, even a piece of music which must be solved as an ensemble. The playwriting and directing duties will be shared among the ensemble, and decisions will be made collaboratively.

This workshop emphasizes generating original material, physicalizing characters and theatrical ideas, structuring group improvisations into finished pieces and the role music and rhythm play in theatrical creation. Participants will work on taking material developed through improvisation and turning it into pieces that are precise, full, exuberant, and moving.

There will be an hour lunch break each day. Participants should wear comfortable movement clothing without any designs or words on them. Please bring a water bottle and a note pad.

Pig Iron Theatre Company 
 In the past 16 years the company has created 24 original works and has toured to festivals and theatres in England, Scotland, Poland, Lithuania, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Germany. The body of Pig Iron's work is eclectic and daring. Individual works have been inspired by history and biography (Poet In New York, 1997 and Anodyne, 2001), rock music (Mission to Mercury, 2000 and James Joyce is Dead and so is Paris: The Lucia Joyce Cabaret, 2003), American kitsch culture (Cafeteria, 1997), serendipity (Dig or Fly, 1996 and The Snow Queen, 1999), and fallen heroes (The Odyssey, 1995 and The Tragedy of Joan of Arc, 1998). In 2001, Pig Iron collaborated with legendary theatre director Joseph Chaikin (1935-2003) to create an exploration of sleep, dreams and consciousness (Shut Eye). In 2005, Pig Iron won an OBIE Award for Hell Meets Henry Halfway, an adaptation of Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz's novel Possessed; in 2008, Pig Iron won a second OBIE for James Sugg's performance in Chekhov Lizardbrain. In 2006, Pig Iron was named Theatre Company of the Year in the Philadelphia Weekly.

More info about Pig Iron and the Pig Iron School:

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