Thursday, May 17, 2012

World Leaders...They're Just Like Us

Well, it’s finally here. NATO weekend. I answered a call from a Hot Tix patron yesterday and she was asking about museums and I told her some of them were going to be closed because of the NATO summit, and she said “what’s NATO?” Huh. I said a bunch of world leaders were going to be in town and she said so why are they closing the museums? I dunno I said but you can see some great theatre for half price (remember she called about Hot Tix, these conversations do get off track some times.)

Anyway, nothing much is going on downtown right now, if anything it is less busy than usual. Our building decided to shut down on Monday, so we will be staying home.

I got to wondering exactly what they do at the NATO summit and I went on the website and it sounds pretty boring. Then I got to wondering if maybe they do like we do at conferences, be happy to see our friends we haven’t seen in a while and bitch about our jobs and commiserate about how hard everything is. No press is allowed in the room. Newly elected French leader Francois Hollande will have to wear a white ribbon on his name tag that says “I’m New,” everyone will tell him they never liked Sarkozy anyway. The guy from Pakistan won’t be invited to the dinner. The gay leaders will all go up to Boys Town and be late for the first meeting the next morning. They’ll all go home saying best NATO summit ever.

They are going to be talking about how to get out of Afghanistan, and that is serious stuff, but I like to think “World leaders…they’re just like us.”



Unknown said...

We'll let you know if they are just like us...because About Face and ATC and Porchlight and Northlight are putting on a wild show at Musical Mondays at Sidetrack on Monday night at 10pm! All the show tune-loving protesters and NATO types will be checking out numbers from RENT, Tick Tick Boom and title of show - all you regulars can come on down, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's exactly how it is! I wonder if the secret service guys will also get some tips on how to get hookers without getting caught...