Thursday, July 22, 2010

WCPT Radio PSA Opportunity

WCPT Radio is offering a special promotional opportunity with their new initiative Emphasis on the Arts. Emphasis on the Arts is an informational series of Public Service Announcements and web promotions designed to educate the public on what is happening in the literary arts, dance, music and theater in the Chicago region by highlighting small nonprofit arts organizations doing good work in their communities.

Check out the attached form for you to complete and submit using the contact information listed at the bottom. Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee inclusion in the PSA series.

If selected, WCPT will create the copy and produce the spot which will run for one-two weeks. The station will also email you an MP3 version so you can post it on your website--if you do post it on your website, the station just asks that to please also post its logo to credit the source of the material. Also, WCPT has a copy of audios posted on its website if you want to listen to other PSAs; please visit

Please contact WCPT’s Mark Earnest directly at or by calling 773.838.0226 if you have any questions about the program.

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