Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sign up for the Chicago Theater (anti) Conference August 20th - 22nd

As part of Theater Wit's mission to provide a forum for a wide variety of Chicago's best theater groups, they are happy to announce the first Chicago Theater Conference. They'll be opening all three spaces at Theater Wit for the community to meet and learn from each other in a series of community-driven presentations. They hope to offer up to 36 sessions about every aspect of creating and producing the performing arts over two days.

This isn't intended to be a traditional business conference where everyone listens to presentations, grabs a coffee and donut and then plays Tetris on their phone during the afternoon speakers to keep from falling asleep. The conference is designed to create communication, not be a traditional teaching /education conference. As such, each session will be structured to allow the maximum possible communication and as much back and forth discussion as possible. Sessions are 50 minutes long, with the speaker presentation limited to 12 minutes. The balance is reserved for group discussion, Q/A, etc. In addition, we'll be offering plenty of opportunities for folks to gather for food and drink and non-facebook-y social time. There's a preliminary schedule available at of all the debates we hope to get into, from mission statements to grant techniques. We have folks from the city coming to tell you how to get in on millions of dollars, and Don Hall to tell you why you don't need it. Funders, Artistic Leaders, Small and large theaters, three parties. Seriously, why are you still reading this?

For a list of speakers, pass information and more, visit

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