Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chicago Fringe Festival Seeking Theatrical Equipment

The inaugural Chicago Fringe Festival, happening in the Pilsen neighborhood from September 1 through 5th, is looking for theatrical equipment to borrow for the duration of technical rehearsals and the festival. In exchange, the Festival is offering a FREE AD in the program! They are printing a minimum of 8,000 programs, and will distribute them to patrons and across the city at large. Do you want in? Great! Please see the list below to see if there is something you can lend for a spell. Why let equipment gather dust, when it can go on to great glory in the first annual Chicago Fringe Festival? They can provide transport for your equipment if necessary.

Please contact and to make arrangements!
Deadline to get into the program is August 6, 2010.

They are looking for:
5 lighting consoles (These can be small and simple. We're not allowing groups to program the boards. Instead MEs will patch in an assortment of looks that the groups can access through submasters.)
4 channel dimmer packs and 6channel dimmer packs (No amount here because it depends on if we get more offers of 6channel dimmers or more of 4channel dimmers)
11 booms and bases (we'll take 6ft or 8ft tall)
30 Pars (Or anything else that will create a wash)
22 more tightly focused instruments
Cable (We need many lengths of stage pin cable)
3 small mixers and the necessary cables
3 CD players and the necessary cables
6 speakers and the necessary cables
2 projectors with the ability to play video
16 Stage Flats (preference is 4'x8' but I'll take what I can get)
2 Platforms (4'x8') - (1 is going to need to be raised to 1' high)
30 Sandbags
16 jacks for the for the flats
Two 4'x4' triangle plats (raised to 1' high)
3 large pieces of white fabric that we can weight at the bottom (king sized sheet size would be great - these are to make homemade projector screens)
Extension cords
Backstage lights
Tables (full and card table)

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