Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Route 66 Theatre Test Drive New Play Development Workshop

Route 66 Theatre Company is now accepting submissions for our 2nd annual new play developmental workshop: Test Drive.

Our annual workshop awards one playwright with a developmental workshop of their play. The workshop is focused on the playwright and what they need to move their script toward being production-ready. A workshop curator, two dramaturg mentors, and a panel of special guest directors, artistic directors, and literary managers will provide support, criticism, ideas, and suggestions. If you’re a playwright looking for an experience that will help develop your draft into the play you envision, read on.

Literary Manager Frances Limoncelli – workshop curator
Artistic Director Stef Tovar – workshop producer
Emily Woods – workshop intern
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 12th or after 300 plays have been submitted (whichever comes 1st)
WORKSHOP DATES: March 4th through March 21st, 2016 (Exact workshop dates subject to adjustment depending on artists’ schedules.)

1.Read all the information below.
2.Complete the application found at this link: http://bit.ly/route66workshop.
3.Email a full draft of your play to submissions@route66theatre.org. Pdfs preferred. Please include your last name and the play title in the subject line.

Route 66 Theatre is interested in finding small cast contemporary American plays. We respond to plays that are emotionally grounded; that have heart. Our aesthetic embodies the feeling of the famous highway for which we are named: a road with stops in every small town, where real people live and work and love. Route 66 is for those who take the time to engage in authentic American experiences over the speed of the superhighway. o Please submit plays that fit with the above description. o Plays submitted should be full-length drafts in need of development. o Playwrights of color and female playwrights are strongly encouraged to submit. o Playwrights must be available during the dates of the workshop to attend rehearsals and meetings in Chicago, IL.

A wholly process-oriented, writer-focused, experience that includes:
 o $300 stipend
o Two dramaturg mentors
o A cast of professional actors and Limoncelli as director
o Rehearsal space
 o Feedback from dramaturg mentors, Limoncelli, and Tovar
o Time to write between readings and rehearsals so the project can move forward several steps during the workshop
o A reading for an audience and a panel of special guest directors, artistic directors, and literary managers
o Additional feedback from the panel of special guest directors, artistic directors, and literary managers
 PLEASE NOTE: Route 66 will receive the right of first refusal to produce the winning play within an agreed upon time period.

o All applications will be reviewed. Plays that do not fall within the submission guidelines will not move forward in the process.
o All plays that fall within the submission guidelines will be assigned to one of our team of readers. A minimum of 15 pages will be read and discussed. Another cut will be made.
 o The remaining plays will be read in their entirety by one of our team of readers. Another cut will be made.
 o The remaining plays will be read by at least one more reader and/or the Literary Manager. The finalists will be determined.
o Finalists will be read by Route 66 Theatre’s Literary Manager and Artistic Director. A few finalists may be asked for a Skype or in-person interview the week before the winner is announced.
o The winner is announced on January 4th, 2016.

Sometimes a playwright can only get so far working alone. They know their draft has possibilities, but they crave professional actors to read it out loud, brainy dramatists to bounce ideas off of, and experienced directors, writers, and artistic directors to discuss it with. And TIME! They crave the TIME to digest and incorporate the results of those experiences into their play. In our opinion, too many developmental workshops focus on the culminating performance instead of the development of the work: energy is spent on nabbing a “name” to read the lead role or time is spent staging music stand choreography. This is usually a well-intentioned attempt to give the play a favorable showing for the invited industry members in the audience. That can be of great help for a polished play that’s ready for a backer’s audition, showcase, or premiere…but it’s not so developmental. The Route 66 Developmental Workshop will be focused on supporting the writing process. You’ll be given resources, guidance, and freedom to experiment. Writing time is incorporated into the schedule so that you can try new ideas and incorporate feedback that strikes a chord with you. It’s our goal to give you everything you need so you can leave with a draft that is several steps further along than the one you came in with. In our efforts to provide support, we will be careful not to coddle. We believe most artists are excited by a productive, forthright process. We find that even tough feedback, given respectfully and constructively, is usually welcome to the artist who stands to benefit from it. We are also committed to the idea that our support not be misconstrued as directive. The mentor team will provide expert advice from several different points of view, but the creative decisions are the playwright’s alone. If you’re passionate in your artistry, idealistic in your vision, excited by collaboration, open to feedback, and energetically in pursuit of an experience designed to help your play evolve…then come play with us.

 Frances Limoncelli & Stef Tovar

ROUTE 66 MISSION: Route 66 Theatre Company introduces, develops, produces, and exports new work for the stage. The road begins with our new play development process and reaches west, where our World and Chicago Premiere shows are given an advocate for further regional productions along the road less traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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