Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Free Materials from EcoSet Consulting

EcoSet Consulting will be coming back to Chicago at the end of September to find homes for their client's gorgeous activation space from an event. Lots of amazing pieces including beautiful wood display units, walls and an awesome circular bar. This is your chance to help us create a “zero waste” environment and you can receive well constructed pieces for free and save them from landfill! We will even deliver it!

 1) Here is a materials list and photos of screen shots of the concepts as well as a full view photos of past years items to give you an idea of the set up. This year instead of all wood veneer, they have added brick backsplashes and side panels.

Please indicate the items you are requesting and be specific according to the materials list provided.

Most of the pieces are 10' long and 10' tall. They are basically 2' wide with some sections having a 3.5' W x 10' H end cap.

2) Tell us how you plan on using the items. We do a recap for the client and like to showcase where these materials went and how they benefitted the local community. It gives a real tangible element to the donation and demonstrates why these items are not “trash”.

3) Also indicate how much labor you will have to unload. We have a lot of stops and need to do this quickly so you must assist us to expedite the delivery.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone in your network that you think might be interested. We are based in Los Angeles so I am trying to build my reuse network in Chicago.

Contact: Amy Hammes at donations@ecosetconsulting.com.

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