Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Jewish Plays Project Now Accepting Submissions for 2015 Season

The JPP is delighted to announce that the Jewish Plays Project is now accepting Project Submissions for its 2015 season.

What's New this Year?
In past seasons, we have accepted new work formally through the Jewish Playwriting Contest and informally through a variety of industry channels. This year, we’re combining the two. Every project will go through the same online channel, and it will be up to the primary creative on each to select to which programs they want to submit. We’re aiming to keep control of your work in your hands. You want as many opportunities for your new work to be seen, developed, appreciated, and advanced? So do we. Make sure you check all the boxes. You want us to look at your new play but don’t want it in the public eye of the Contest? No problem. Just leave that Contest box blank, and we’ll keep it to ourselves. We’re also accepting musicals this time around! We developed our first musical last year (Sharyn Rothstein and Kris Kukul’s modern Megillah, Beauty Queen) and really liked it. While musicals don’t quite fit into our Contest or open structure yet, we want to survey the field and find out what’s being created. So send ‘em in! Click Here for the Full Submission Guidelines

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