Thursday, July 10, 2014

Links Hall Workshops

Workshop 1
PHYSICAL Festival- Conjuring Ideas Through Tactile Improvisation
Taught by Lake Simons
Saturday, July 26th 10 AM - 1 PM

Capacity of workshop- Minimum: 5 Maximum: 15 A non-traditional approach to devising theatre. The process involves working with non-specific materials and objects - for example - a ball of string and a sheet of paper to experiment with. The participant responds to & forms a relationship with the given materials and in so doing finds the seeds of new images/ characters / story-lines. An exercise in tactile improvisation and object manipulation.

Workshop 2 
 PHYSICAL Festival-Devising and Adapting a Novel into Theatre
Taught by Mirage CompaƱia de Teatro
Sunday, July 27th
10 AM - 1 PM
Capacity of workshop- Minimum: 8 Maximum: 30

Creating our own work is an exciting but a difficult process. This will be a singular chance to dive in the creation methods and tools used by the company. In this theatre workshop we will have a look at the connections between a classic novel and a theatre performance. We will explore exercises, games and improvisations that enable us to create a generous performance: in other words theatre that excites and moves the audience.The workshop will provide a safe and supportive space to take creative risks and make mistakes with a feeling of joy!

This master class is ideal for professional and semi-professional actors, directors and theatre practitioners, it is designed to help them understand how to use creative strategies as a tool to devise new theatre. Please bring with you loose, comfortable clothing for movement work.

Workshop 3
Taught by John Flax, Artistic Director of Theater Grottesco
Tuesday, July 29th
10 AM - 1 PM
Capacity of workshop- Minimum: 6 Maximum: 25

Presence and Ensemble are the foundations of physical performance. Personal work includes instinctual response, rhythm, a relaxed, heightened energy and an economy of movement. Ensemble Training works on adjusting personal rhythm and instinct to the group; group balance of space; imagery through movement; and focusing the audience's attention.

Come prepared to move with loose clothing, jewelry removed and hair back. We work barefoot. We start on time.

Workshop 4
PHYSICAL Festival- Silent Theatre Playtime
Taught by Silent Theatre Company
Monday, July 28th
10 AM - 1 PM
Capacity of workshop- Minimum: 6 Maximum: 24

Participants will experience the present moment through physical awareness on stage. each activity is designed to promote clear and pertinent communication through genuine expression via body language and gesticulation. individuals will create characters and scenes rooted in physicality and understood without verbal communication which will end up as a presentable performance ready act. please bring clothes you can move in.

Workshop 5
Taught by Out of Balanz Theater Company
Friday, August 1st
10 AM - 1 PM
Capacity of workshop- Minimum: 10 Maximum: 24

Out of Balanz invites you to explore the exhilarating territory of play. Together we’ll delve into our inner playfulness through games, exercises and improvisations in order to discover our own idiosyncrasy, naivety and humanity. Supplied with little else than the body that each participant has inherited, this workshop will exploit its participants' unique way of experiencing the world as we endeavor to uncover the life-affirming absurdity of the human condition.

Workshop 6
Saturday August 2nd
10 AM - 1 PM 2 PM - 5 PM Capacity of workshop-
Minimum: 4 Maximum: 24

PHYSICAL Festival-Don't Just Stand There... MOVE!

An introduction to Aspects of Physical Theatre: Taught by James Donlon, Alina Cenal, and Karen Hoyer

Using the phrase “the language of the body” as an inspiration, this workshop is an introductory overview of physical theatre. Focus is given to expanding the expressive potential of each performer using solo and partner exercises. The release of the imagination with a sense of playfulness and joy is primary. A palette of mime, movement, and eccentric dance techniques teaches control, concentration and specificity. Clown exercises explore character, emotion, and relationships, all imbued with a sense of the absurd. Utilizing mime, mask, clown, dance, music, and puppetry, Donlon, Cenal and Hoyer have each developed their unique teaching styles and curriculum through careers in physical theatre spanning 45 years. This masterclass is team taught infused with each teacher's individual methods.


The Donlon Method of Physical Theatre

All workshops are $60.

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