Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Materials from EcoSet Consulting

Pick up will be either Monday, September 30th in the afternoon at Millennium Park or we may have limited delivery options on Tuesday. This is your chance to help us create a “zero waste” environment and you can save beautiful pieces for free in the process!

 1) Please look over the attached materials list and indicate the items you are requesting. Please be specific. I will be taking all requests and then hope to have a final recipient list next week. Most of the pieces are 10' long and 10' tall. They are basically 2' wide with some sections having a 3.5' W x 10' H end cap.
2) Tell us how you plan on using the items. We do a recap for the client and like to showcase where these materials went and how they benefitted the local community. It gives a real tangible element and demonstrates why these items are not “trash”.
3) Also indicate your ability to pick up or delivery options. This will help me plan the deconstruction and how the trucks will be loaded.

 Please feel free to pass this on to anyone in your network that you think might be able to use them. I hope to have this all scheduled by early next week so please let me know asap!

Contact: Amy Hammes - Donations Director / / 323-669-0697 EcoSet Donations Line / 323-669-0232 Main Office

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Tiago said...

I have seen many good projects to help the improvement of city environments while at the same time help inhabitants. In many countries this issue is more common that in the US. Specially in Europe people is aware of that but also in some regions of LatinAmerica, for example I lived 2 months in a Buenos Aires temporary rent and I saw how they installed ecological trash cleaners and most of society truly use them