Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prologue Theatre Co. Seeks New Short Scripts

Prologue Theatre Co. seeks new shorts scripts for our fourth annual Landmark Festival. This year’s theme (to which submitted scripts should be related) is “Scar Tissue" Scripts should be about 10 minutes long and not yet produced in Chicago. Selected scripts will be produced in fall of 2013. Send full script to Whitney Morse, Literary and Casting Director at by July 22nd 2013. Please include a cover letter indicating your level of interest in participating in script development sessions in advance of the festival (note: not being interested/available for script development will not affect a script’s eligibility to be produced as part of the festival). More information about the festival, including detailed information on what kind of plays we’d like to receive, can be found at our website:

The theme for our season is "Scar Tissue." This is a theme that applies in several different ways to the shows we'll be producing this season - so don't feel as though you need to take the prompt literally. Some ways your script could connect:

- the healing over of a wound, making it stronger than it was before
- scars as a visible manifestation of our past
- scars as something you need to push past, as residue keeping you from moving forward
- scars as markers of things that will be forever changed
- scars and the impression of danger they give

Keep in mind that not every wound and scar are visible.

With our festival, we are more interested in the scar and the story of it, than with the wound and how it is dealt. Please avoid the use of gratuitous violence in your scripts. We also strive for a variety of tones, styles, and tempos throughout the festival - comedy is just as welcome as tragedy.

We produce stories from underrepresented voices throughout history. Our relevant and diverse works empower our community to consider where we go from here.

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