Monday, April 1, 2013

Linklater Workshop

Silk Road Rising in association with Teatro Luna invites Chicago's professional actors of color to join Stage Director and Designated Linklater Voice Instructor Timothy Douglas in a 3-evening movement / voice / text workshop inspired by Kristin Linklater's Freeing the Natural Voice. Limited to 20 participants.

The Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington St. Chicago, IL

Tuesday, April 9th, 6pm - 9pm. 1st Floor Garland Room at the Cultural Center.
Thursday, April 11th, 6pm - 10pm. 1st Floor Garland Room at the Cultural Center.
Friday, April 12th, 6pm - 10pm. 4th Floor Conference Room at the Cultural Center.

A Love Offering ($25.00 minimum suggested donation per session)

To register, email Alex Meda at Teatro Luna at or, call Alex at 773-819-5862.

No prior Linklater experience required (but would surely enhance the experience). Participants agree to 'learn by heart' 5 - 8 lines of Shakespearean Verse FROM A PLAY (no sonnets or dramatic poems please). Participants need only memorize and 'make sense' of the text - but keep to an absolute minimum any compelling character/actor choices - and please DO NOT work on pieces you've worked on before! In choosing your text, you need not concern yourself with gender, race, age, etc. ... simply choose something that 'speaks to you'.

Participants should come dressed for MOVEMENT ... NO tight clothing (except leggings, workout wear, etc.), NO belts or anything else that might constrict the belly area - and ideally NO jeans. Some exercises may require laying on the floor and participants are welcome to bring a towel. The topics covered each evening build upon one another, so all participants MUST attend the April 9th session in order to participate in the sessions on April 11th & 12th.

The Love Offering / Suggested Donation is exactly that ... no one turned away who cannot pay - as long as there is a slot available.

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