Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Could We Do?

A couple of weeks ago I posted probably the most widely read and commented on post I have done. Comments came not only on the blog but through emails and other blog posts. The post asked if a drop in audiences was becoming epidemic. Aaron Anderson posted on the blog that he thinks the problem is lack of managers who are dedicated to that job and experienced enough to do it well, Jeremy Wechsler commented on his blog that he thinks selling tickets isn’t enough or maybe isn’t the thing to do at all. A manager who emailed me said it was all in the reviews – in the Chris Jones reviews.

There is so much here in terms of marketing and engagement, an extraordinarily complex question, too often answered in simplistic terms. I asked in my last post where to start? Is it with the marketing? Is it maybe about getting an expert to look at marketing for your last show and working with you to create a plan for your next show and looking to increase your audience by x number? That seems simplistic but at the same time…you have to start somewhere. It’s about sociology and demographics and economics and so much more.

But what can the League do? One of our jobs is to help you sell tickets – to promote Chicago theatre. Outside of what we already do – promotions, advertising, Hot Tix, press releases, website, etc. What do you think is the one thing (or more than one) that the League could do?



Unknown said...

It's great of you to keep prodding Deb! My ideas are up on my blog -

Vinnie said...

It would be great if we supported each other more in the League itself. I know the email goes out each week with show announcements, but what are we really doing to be seen by each other and engaging our own community? Could the League do more to encourage people visiting each other's shows, by hosting something like an annual or Fall preview day? The logistics might be difficult, but it could be a fun exercise.

Maybe also encouraging the League's Board and staff to make it out to at least one show of each member company each year. Somehow publicize their experience on the website or to friends? I think getting that kind of visibility would be helpful.