Thursday, March 15, 2012

There's Something You Can Do

On Monday night 80 of you came out to talk about what we would like to see as a part of the cultural plan. I was absolutely thrilled to see so many people there. Julie Burros from the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events who is coordinating the creation of the plan was invaluable in organizing the event and taking us through the plan so far and shaping the evening. Mike Dorf who was the director of the 1986 plan spoke a little bit about the importance of strength in numbers, reminding us that we need to be “hard to say no to.” And looking around the room estimating that through our networks we all represented thousands of Chicagoans. And, we came up with some pretty good recommendations. You can see them below on this blog.

I know a lot of you wanted to be there but couldn’t, but guess what? That’s right, there’s something you can do. You can sign this petition to support arts and culture in Chicago and the creation of a bold and sustainable cultural plan. You should do that now! You should then share that link with all of your network through your social networks, emails, etc. I think it says we are trying to collect 3,000 signatures, but I think we can get 5,000. So do it now! This is super easy and amazingly impactful.

And…you can look at the recommendations below and share those with your friends. And… you can go to and leave your comments or look for a neighborhood meeting.


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