Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Stuff

I was tickled pink the other night when I ran into not one but two artistic directors who said they read this blog. I call it my blog, but fact is sometimes Ben is pressed into service. Anyway one said he actually liked my blog, the other asked if I was going to post our conversation on my blog, I’ll just take that to mean he likes it. That got me thinking…should we be doing more for artists? The League has traditionally served theatre companies and managers, which does serve artists indirectly and of course many artists are actually working as managers and marketing directors and everything else. Every service organization is structured differently and I have known the folks at Theatre Bay Area for some time through their advocacy and research efforts so when they gave me a free membership recently I was surprised to learn that most of their public programs serve artists.

As it happens, two things have come up in the past couple of weeks that we ARE going to do, one is a workshop with a visiting theatre company and the other is a workshop with the incredible artists at Liz Lerman Dance Exchange on their critical response process (I actually think that one would be great for managers as well). Both are coming up in the Spring/early Summer so watch for them.

Any thoughts at all about things the League could do better and specifically about programs that might serve artists?



Stephen F. said...

Please do more to support the artists. Without the artists, there wouldn't be theater. And I do understand the importance of providing venues and structure to perform in, but it's so hard to make it as an artist. There is little to no safety net. With all the opportunities here, our city should be the go to place for theater folk - instead I know so many who leave because they can't sustain the life here.

Lynn Baber said...

First of all, I always read your blog, Deb. I often feel like calling and talking about it but it would take a chunk out of my day (and yours) that we probably can't spare just to chat.

And the League's Intern Networking Events are one of my very favorite things about Chicago theatre. I encourage everyone in theatre who is new to the city to attend these events. Applause on that.

Joan Mazzonelli said...

Liz Lerman -- terrific idea

programs/events more focused on artists - terrific idea