Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chicago Cultural Plan 2012

I really love the idea that there is a new cultural plan for the City of Chicago being developed and that I can have a voice in the development of that plan. The last plan was developed in 1986, so it’s about time. I know it’s always hard to make time to do this kind of thing but I think it will be very rewarding for everyone to be involved in this process so I would encourage you to go to some meetings and get involved in this process. The first meetings are coming up soon, in February, you can go here to find the dates and places. There will be further meetings in the coming months and there are also ways to interact with the plan on the website. There’s not a whole lot on the website yet because they are just starting, but please go to a town hall meeting if you can and encourage your board, audiences and friends to make their voices heard as well.


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Thanks for getting the word out!