Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Personal?

Our annual meeting on Monday went very well. It was really nice to see so many people there and for me to meet a bunch of people I had never had a face to face with. The best part was that everybody stayed for a long time talking and having fun. Last night someone told me they were starting a kind of salon in Chicago – bringing together arts and business leaders, which sounds like an incredibly great idea. And then later, I read this blog on HowlRound about a salon that they hold in San Francisco where theatre folks in all kinds of jobs and with all kinds of experience get together to talk about theatre – not networking and not about getting your next job, just talking about theatre. My first thought was oohhh…that sounds great – we should do that.

My second thought was yeah, we kind of already do and not just by the League gathering people together but I think every night theatre artists get together and talk about theatre. That was what Monday night felt like to me – a chance for people to remember that we’re all here and we’re all in this together. Several people told me they felt inspired on their way out. Frequently, when I go to a show, even if I don’t know the people around me, their conversation tells me they work in theatre. Conversations are happening all over the internet. But I wonder if people get a chance to talk to people from outside their direct circle, if people would be interested in being provided with an opportunity to talk about theatre in that kind of atmosphere. I’ve been wondering for a while if the remove of the internet makes us want more personal interaction. What do you think?



Josh Sobel said...

I personally think so. I went to a couple of storefront summits a year or two ago, and those were such amazing forums to bring people together and create a fun, engaging and productive dialogue that extended beyond the actual summit meeting and into the bar next door. It was an opportunity to reconnect with folks I had crossed paths with before, as well as an opportunity to meet new people and exciting artists - its where I first met Jess Hutchinson and Nick Keenan before getting involved with New Leaf!

It would be amazing to have some sort of forum for that kind of exchange available on a regular basis - it happens spontaneously, and in little spurts here and there. But I definitely see value in having a "meeting-place" of sorts.

Tony Adams said...

I agree, think it'd be great. From what I've heard about the Bay Area ones it's a pretty fantastic time.

Also was really nice that annual meeting this year was opened to more folks outside the league membership. Made it a different vibe. Nice work.

David Cerda said...

Yes, I think it would be beneficial to hear what's going on with other companies and how they dealt with 'challenges'.