Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salons and Such

In response to last week’s blog post, we were offered some comp tickets to attend Chicago Live! At the Chicago Theatre on November 10, see below if you want to join us – it’s a salon/performance/mingling event that is definitely worth checking out and they’ve got a great line up on November 10. I really appreciated the comments of Josh, Tony and David. The Storefront Summit meetings were great…but not organized by the League, which maybe made them great? We organized a couple of Storefront Socials over the past year and those were not well attended. So what to do? Do we gather people around a particular issue? Or do it like they do in SF and invite a group of people to just come together…but that way it’s not open to anybody only invited guests? Does maybe one theatre or artist take over and do the inviting, and each quarter it is assigned to a different person or company but people get way too busy to do that. We have been doing lunches with visiting international artists over the past few months to which we invite artists that might have a particular interest in the work, they are fun and fascinating, but it takes a bit of organizing.

Anyway, I love that people are still interested in face to face discussion and interaction and in the meantime, join us on November 10 if you can.


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Tony Adams said...

What if you invite a group of people to just come together, and extend an open invite to public?

Rotating organizers might be lots of fun too.