Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Move

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre has announced its Executive Director, Jim Jarvis, will be stepping down from his position on October 28, 2011. Jarvis, who has been with the organization for over 8 years and has served as the Executive Director for over 3, is leaving in hopes of spending more time with his family.

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre announces Adam Webster has joined the company as general manager. He assumes responsibility for the Rogers Park-based theatre's finance, operating and administrative functions. Adam founded the side project, a theatre company located in the Rogers Park neighborhood, in 2000. He has since managed the day-to-day administrative and artistic operations of that company, producing more than 60 shows. He continues to serve as its artistic director.

After 13 wonderful years, Juliet Wilson Trieloff has had to resign as Showcase House Manager for The Theatre School at DePaul University because of her full-time job.

pH Productions is pleased to announce that Brett Mannes has been named its new Executive Director. Brett is a company member who had previously served as Marketing Director from 2009-2011. Replacing Brett as Marketing Director will be repertory member Mary Walsh, who will worked in tandem with company member Steve Hund. Steve has been appointed to the newly created PR Director.

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