Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Big Deal

I don’t want to be all ushy-gushy about our new Mayor, but here’s the thing, not 5 days after being elected Mayor of Chicago, when I’m sure he has quite enough to do, the guy went to see a play. He had his choice of about 70 plays on Saturday night. He could have gone to a show he recognized the title of, he could have gone to a show that had a huge meet and greet potential, he could have stayed home. Chris Jones told him he should go, but I doubt that Rahm takes his marching orders from Chris. Astonishingly, he chose to take himself to a storefront theatre, to a world premiere production by a storefront company. If he didn’t know before, he knows now what an amazingly beautiful thing that is. I understand from the folks at Theater Wit that he called and bought his own tickets and that when he arrived at the theatre it was without fanfare and he even seemed a bit humbled by all the congratulations he received in the lobby. Big deal, right? He went to see a show. It is a big deal because when our Mayor goes out to the theatre on a Saturday night, he says it is important. I wrote him a note letting him know how appreciative I was and he wrote back that he would “continue to shine a spotlight on arts and culture.”

We’ll see what happens next, but I’m impressed. You can send him a note too...


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Unknown said...

Thanks, Deb -- WAY TO GO Rahm! And HOORAY CHICAGO THEATER! I wrote him a note too (even though I'm not a constituent). -- Dawn