Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Join TCG's Town Hall Discussions: The Artist-Theatre Relationship

As part of their current Field Conversations between independent artists and theatres, TCG is encouraging theatres to organize Town Hall meetings in which artists and theatres talk openly about successes and challenges they face in working together.

Participation is entirely voluntary - just fill out the "Join-In Form", and get started!

Guidelines to help you structure your Town Hall:
- TCG will provide talking points taken from Roundtable conversations to be used as starting points for dialogue;
- Host one 3 hour session held between January 23 –February 15, 2011 on a date/time that works for your schedule;
- Meeting location is at your discretion – at your theatre if you have a facility, at a local coffee shop or via SKYPE;
- Meeting Size is at your discretion, but we ask that the participants include non-staff individual artists in your area, as well as theatre staff;
- Try to include a range of performing artist disciplines – including but not limited to actors, directors, playwrights, designers and dramaturges;
- Appoint a facilitator for the conversation – it could be someone on the theatre’s staff, an artist associated with the theatre, a theatre trustee or someone from your community, TCG does not expect you to formally contract a facilitator;
- Appoint a note taker to capture key discussion points, and report back to TCG on the key points form (link) by February 18, 5pm EDT;
- Notify Sarah McLellan if you can offer the option of calling into your meeting either via a landline or SKYPE. TCG Staff is trying to observe (listening, not participating in the discussion) as many of the Town Halls as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah McLellan at smclellan@tcg.org. Thank you for taking part in these important discussions!

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