Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have you made your voice heard?

Have you made your voice heard? Thanks to the Arts Alliance Illinois, all of the mayoral candidates have signed on to the Principles for a 21st Century Creative Chicago. That is fantastic news, it means that each candidate has said that the arts and arts education are important to them. The League sent letters and packets of information about Chicago theatre to all the candidates this week. It would be really awesome if you could write each of them a letter letting them know how important you are and it would be incredibly awesome if you exhorted your constituents to do the same. If you don’t know what to write, contact us, we can give you tips.

Two other things you can do…have you signed the petition yet? Please go to and add your name to the list of supporters in Chicago. AND…ask your supporters to do the same. Sign up for our advocacy training on Monday, January 24 – it’s a great opportunity to learn what to say and how to say it and it’s fun!

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