Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Bit Baffled...

A bit baffled by two things this week:

#1 – Spiderman – I guess I could just leave it at that. But, I won’t. I don’t really care about Spiderman but I know more about that first preview any other in my long history in the theatre that I wasn’t actually working on. Why all the furor? Is it the cost? $65 million – a ton of money, no doubt, but…did you know that Spiderman 3, the movie cost $258 million? Holding the record for the most expensive movie ever produced according to a thing I read on Wikipedia. Maybe it’s just really expensive to produce Spiderman anything. Maybe it’s the webbing or whatever. I have never seen a Spiderman anything, including the comic book. Is it the combo of Julie Taymor and Bono – are we wanting them to fail? Is it the wait? I don’t know how long it’s been in development, but I know it’s been a long time. Is it just that we can’t look away? I just don’t understand why this one is so important to us.

#2 – Steve Martin and Deborah Solomon at the 92nd Street Y. You probably aren’t as familiar with this (read about it here), but the 92nd Street Y sent all 900 people who attended this event a $50 (price of the ticket) voucher to come back and see another show at the 92nd Street Y. It seems that Steve and Deborah didn’t talk about things the audience wanted to hear about. Huh…I don’t claim to know the whole story, but that seems like an extremely dangerous precedent to set. Steve Martin is sort of famously intellectual and artsy and Deborah Solomon writes about art for the New York Times, so I don’t know what people were expecting but I guess it was too egg-heady. Curious.

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