Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicago Muse Seeks New Musical Submissions for its 2010-2011 Season

Chicago Muse is seeking the next generation of new musicals. Composers, writers and lyricists are encouraged to submit their completed works for consideration for the 2010-2011 season. Deadline for submissions is October 15th, 2010. Chicago Muse is the new professional theatre company devoted to engaging a community in the development and production of new musicals. All works submitted will be automatically entered into consideration for the Chicago New Musical Festival June 13-26, 2011. For complete details and submission guidelines visit

Submissions will be reviewed by a prestigious artistic advisory committee of musical theatre professionals, the registered Chicago Muse membership base and staff. This unique, on-line interactive evaluation process of these groups will select a final pool of 30 works from which three finalists will be chosen. Three of these shows will be selected to receive funding up to $10,000 for staged reading in Chicago.

Chicago Muse will collaborate with the winning creators of these new works on a staged reading of their musical to bring it to life. This essential and transformative process will provide constructive feedback back to the creative teams in the development of their new musicals.

The Chicago New Music Theatre Festival June 13th -26th, 2011 will feature the most promising shows as judged by the reading committee, the staged reading favorites and input from Chicago Muse advisory board and staff. Select shows will receive up to $30,000 for a “skeletal production at the festival. To complete the cycle the highest rated show based on input from attendees will be produced by Chicago Muse for its next season with funding up to $300,000.

Anyone can submit a new musical with a complete book, musical score and lyrics along with a CD containing at least 50% of the songs in the show. Visit for details on submission guidelines or to become a charter registered member and participate in the selection process of works being considered.
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 15TH, 2010. There is a $30 submission fee. (Chicago Muse reserves the right to hold onto submissions postmarked after 10/15/10 for the next review cycle by reading committee and the paid registered users online)

Questions regarding submissions should be directed to the following:

Chicago Muse Literary Associate
c/o Chicago Muse
407 South Dearborn, Suite 1235
Chicago, Il 60605
or email your queries to -

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