Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Countdown Begins

The office has been buzzing this week as we’ve opened up the new website to members to begin adding their company and show content. It’s been an exciting and anxious last couple of days. Many hours of work have gone into the planning, development and testing to get the new site to where it is; so it was thrilling for us to let member theatres take ownership. We’re only a couple weeks from launching the site publicly now, so we’re asking that everyone begin updating their company and show information ASAP. (If you don’t, we’re going to keep bugging you until you do!) Every company should have been emailed a unique username and password from a League staff member yesterday. If you’re unsure if your company received one please contact or for your login info. We want to make sure that when we launch the site every member company’s page looks great. The clock is ticking!

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