Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goals for Chicago Theatre

Over at The New Colony Blog they have a conversation going on about Goals for Chicago Theatre. I think it’s a very interesting conversation and would love to hear from more people about what you think the goals are or should be for Chicago Theatre. Apparently Time Out New York printed a goals for New York Theatre which started the whole thing. The New Colony is planning a “storefront summit,” which I think is a great idea, we will certainly be there, will you? Someone else suggested to me this week that there be more events where people just get together – a “beer summit,” I wonder if people would be interested in that, just getting together and meeting on a regular basis at a bar or something. The League does host Managing/Executive Director Roundtables, but maybe something more informal and more inclusive of artistic directors. And, on that note, all of you who open this email and are still reading – thanks. Any suggestions on how we could reach more people would be much appreciated. While we feel like we reach a good portion of our community we would like to reach everyone, there are so many of us and we feel like we are underrepresented at so many events. Any ideas?

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Nick Keenan said...

I feel pretty strongly that there is so much information in the email blasts that at least I've become conditioned to not read it all. It's so full it's difficult to process - Even though when I do, it's inevitably worthwhile.

I don't have a great solution for that, other than I'm looking forward to talking with everyone so that we as companies have a better idea of how to change or share our operations for the benefit of other organizations.

I'm looking forward to choosing to focus our collective attention on fewer topics that therefore get greater buy-in and involvement from the community. It feels like really exciting things are happening.