Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working with the City

I have been asked to serve on the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Advisory Group for the City. These are the folks who do licensing, PPA and Liquor. As part of that I am serving on the Education/Communication and Technology Sub-committee. The charge of the sub-committee is to make short term recommendations and come up with long term goals for the department having to do with the ways in which information is disseminated through this department. I know that it is sometimes frustrating and confusing dealing with the City and this is an opportunity to try to make it better. So, I need your suggestions about what can be done to make it easier. The stated goal of the committee is to make it easier to do business in Chicago. And, I think they do have some trouble getting information out there, for instance, did you know they hold Business Education Workshops? I did not. There are all kinds, including “How to Obtain a Liquor & Public Place of Amusement License.” They have all kinds, including Business Marketing Strategy, Understanding Employment Law, etc. They can be found at

Please let me know either by leaving a comment or emailing me at if there are particular issues you would like me to bring up with this committee.


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Jess Hutchinson said...

I'm glad to hear you're on that team, Deb. Thanks for continuing to be such a great advocate for all of us in Chicago theatre!