Thursday, June 25, 2009

Core Values

We (the staff of the League) have been doing a little work on core values this week. I gave everyone a list of words that describe values and asked them to come into our staff meeting with what they felt were the top three that described the core values of the League (everyone rebelled and insisted on five, so we did five). We had a conversation about each of the values that everyone put forward and next week we will talk more about it. It’s not necessarily about defining the core values for the League at this moment but more about defining how we are doing in fulfilling our mission as we filter it through our core values. The words from our mission that we use all the time are “promote, support and advocate.” Those of you who know me know I’m not really a big process person, not really interested in a lot of naval gazing. I like to get stuff done. But, I do think it’s important to take a step back from the work from time to time and say how are we doing on a different level, how are we defining success for ourselves. What IS our decision making process? I was very pleasantly surprised at how eagerly the staff took to this task and how much thought went into their responses. So, what ARE the core values of the League? Well, we don’t know yet (our community is much larger than just our staff and we would never presume to identify for everyone), but the list was about 80 words, from those 80 as a staff we picked a total of 14 and the top three…community, leadership and support. I was also very pleased and gratified that there seemed to be so much in-synch thinking. It didn’t take long, it was fun and I think it got us re-focused.


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