Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chicago DanzTheatre Ensemble Seeking Short Play Submissions

Chicago DanzTheartre Ensemble (CDE) is seeking submission of short plays (10-15 minutes) to initiate our 17th season of performance! Read all information below and submit your proposal to

General Information:
CDE’s mission is to marry drama, dance/movement, music, and multimedia to create radical change within the world (also known as “performance with a purpose”). In October of this year, CDE kicks off their 17th season with a playwright festival. This is not your average festival. True to their danztheatre style, CDE wants October’s festival to also reflect this multidisciplinary approach. CDE is seeking playwrights to submit danztheatre style works to be produced and performed in October’s playwright festival.

Additional Information:
Accepted playwrights are the producers. CDE expects playwrights to take charge in the development of their works. As the Producer of the festival, CDE will try their best to assist where possible. Accepted playwrights are encouraged to enlist their own director, choreographer and performers. If this is not possible, CDE will assist as possible in this process. CDE will host an open call audition for directors, choreographers, performers (movers and actors) to assist those accepted playwrights needing help to cast their shows. More details about this open-call audition will be shared after the proposal process. CDE affiliated Ensemble members may also be available to perform. We envision a process of collaboration between dramatic and dance personnel. Smaller cast size is encouraged, but this is not an imperative. The space will be arranged as a thrust. We recommend minimal use of set, props, and costumes. If these are necessary, CDE will allow the Artist access to their props and costumes. If there is something you wish to use, CDE will establish terms with that Artist for use of renting costumes and/or props. We have no fly-space, alternate universe portals, mountain peaks, or icebergs. CDE will provide technical services for lighting and sound. CDE will manage publicity and promotion. Promotional materials will be made available to playwrights and performers for their use. While CDE will manage the publicity and promotion of the festival, CDE expects playwrights and their casts to promote their works. CDE will provide up to 10 hours of rehearsal space to each group. Use of space dependent on availability of the space. CDE will offer two comp tickets to each author and performer.

To Submit: Attach, in PDF or Word format to
-Your play
-A statement of your vision of incorporating movement/dance/music into the production.
-If you need assistance in finding directors, choreographers, or performers.
-If the play is accepted, we will ask for a short blurb about the play and a brief bio of the author (each 50 words or fewer) for playbill and publicity purposes.
Boogie down and break legs!

Important Dates and Location:
Submission deadline: August 18, 2017.
Acceptance Notification: August 25, 2017.
Open-Call Audition: August 30, 2017; 6-9pm
CDE Annual Soiree October 14, 2017; 7 - 11 pm
*Not mandatory, but an opportunity to meet the company
 Tech rehearsals: Sunday, October 15; 5-10pm Tuesday October 17; 6-11pm Wednesday October 18; 6-11pm *Not all casts will be called on each evening
 No Scheduled Dress rehearsal
Performance Dates: October 20, 21, 27, 28
Call for Performers 7:00pm Performance begins 8:00pm. Each play will receive 2 or 4 Performances.

 Performance Venue: Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble Auditorium Ebenezer Lutheran Church 1650 W. Foster Ave. Chicago, IL *This space is not handicapped accessible.

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