Monday, May 1, 2017

Vacant Storefront & Redtwist Guest Company Project

• Vacant space next to Redtwist is available for small theatre (approx 1600 square feet)
• After build-out, it would be a double-storefront configuration similar to Redtwist (half theatre, half box-office, etc)
• Landlord will cover costs of build-out and might offer 3-months free rent during construction.
 • Also, Redtwist needs additional space and would be interested to sub-lease a couple rooms, which would help to pay your rent.
 • Contact Michael Colucci via email or phone: or 773-728-7529.

 • Performing space available at reasonable rates
 • $500 per week for 6 weeks (no cost for 10 days of rehearsal/tech)
• Guest Company keeps 100% of box office revenue
 • 3 performances per week for 6 weeks
 • Perf times are Sat @ 3pm, Wed & Sun @ 7:30pm
 • 18 performances total, which is the minimum for Jeff eligibility
• Contact Michael Colucci via email or phone: or 773-728-7529

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