Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day Play Readings 2017

The NJTF/HTII at UM Miller Center welcomes and invites your participation in the 3rd annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Play Readings to be held on Sunday, 4/23/17 and Monday, 4/24/17, Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah).

In our first 2 years our event honoring the victims and survivors involved theaters, universities, Jewish organizations and embassies in 11 states. Each selected a play of their choosing from our NJTF/HTII Holocaust Theater Catalog (htc.miami.edu). All followed their readings with a conversation or panel discussion that included their audiences. These simultaneous events affirmed the unique power of theater in Holocaust awareness and education. This year we also honor the late Elie Wiesel, who unbeknownst to many was also a playwright. Three scenes that he wrote, titled Dialogs are yours with the blessing of his widow and translator, Marion Wiesel and the Elie Wiesel Foundation. NJTF will send you Dialogs at your request, upon registration. Lincoln Center Library, in New York and UM Miller Center, in Miami have already committed to readings honoring this great man. We hope you will join them.

Please go to njtfoundation.org and find Remembrance Readings to register your organization. Any play or playwright you choose will be in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wiesel. This project is greater than any one institution and invites collaboration among Artists, Educators, Holocaust Memorial Organizations and all people who collectively wish to use theater as an artistic and moral compass that educates and inspires current and future generations.

Thank You,
Arnold Mittelman
Founding Director, NJTF/HTII at UM Miller Center

For additional information or questions, please contact: NJTF Outreach Coordinator Justine Shayman justine@njtfoundation.org