Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chicago Theater Memorial Bike Ride - Registration deadline extended to 9/12

Chicago Theater Memorial Bike Ride Commemorates 26 Fallen Theater Artists on September 19, 2015
12-Mile Lakeshore Event Benefits The Actor’s Fund

WHAT: The Chicago Theater Memorial Bike Ride: Love Hard will wholly benefit The Actor’s Fund, a nationwide human services organization that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment (www.actorsfund.org), and will celebrate the lives and contributions of Megan Betti, Daryl Blalock, Mark Bolan, Woody Bolar, Molly Campbell, Jason Chin, William Clifford, Eric Eatherly, Molly Glynn, Matthew Gunnels, Joel Lambie, Roy Leonard, Margaret Lewis, Frank Mahon, Erin Myers, Trinity Murdock, Julia Neary, PJ Paparelli, Sheldon Patinkin, Andrew Patner, Nana Shineflug, Russ Tutterow, John Walski, Sati Word, Brenton Wright, and Bernie Yvon.

The ride was initiated and named by actor Joe Foust, husband of actor Molly Glynn, who died as a result of a bicycle accident on September 6, 2014. Since Molly’s passing, the Chicagoland theater community has lost many more artists and writers so colleagues were compelled to take action.

Foust got the idea for the bike ride at Molly’s memorial service, where he said, “We in the theater, we love hard. We love each other fully, and, as we like to say in show business, ‘If you’re not going to need me, can I leave early?’ I don’t know who told Molly she could leave early because I still desperately need her, but we’ll make the show work somehow.”

WHEN: Saturday, September 19, 2015, starts at 10 a.m., will conclude around 2 p.m.

WHERE: The 12-mile bike ride will start at Chicago’s Rainbow Beach Park at 2873 E. 75th Street and Lake Michigan, and will continue up the Lakeshore Bike Path to the southern tip of Burnham Park, where riders will turn around and ride back to the starting point.

REGISTER: http://chicagotheatermemorialbikeride.weebly.com

 DONATE: Registration deadline is September 12; suggested minimum donation is $25.                          Donations are encouraged even if not participating in bike ride

PARTNER: RESCU: Renaissance Entertainers Services Crafters United http://rescufoundation.org The RESCU Foundation offers financial assistance and medical advocacy to performers and participants in Themed Events throughout the country.

CMTE Karin Anglin, Kate Buddeke, Adrianne Cury, James Leaming, Kathy Lunsky,
DIRS: Karin McKie, Heather Meyers, Janice Pytel, Barbara Robertson, Carmen Roman, Sarah Ross, Keta Roth, David Turrentine, Vance Smith, and Shifra Werch.

INFO: Using the CTA with a bike: http://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/brochures/13sw005_Bike_and_Ride_Brochure_July_29.pdf

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