Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winding Down

As we wind down the year I want to say how grateful I am for all of you and for everything you do. All the “top” lists are funny – aren’t they – if you are like me, every time you see one you are like – oh yeah – that person or that production totally deserves to be on that list. But there are so many more who didn’t make the list, so they are in fact meaningless but they mean so much and are so well deserved. I wish we had more ways to recognize more people for their tireless contributions to this field and this artform.

On another note – meeting our playwrights working on the Storefront playwright project has been a joy. The project comes to an end this weekend and I will very much miss having them there. So many mentioned that they were getting so much work done, I thought they wouldn’t get anything done there, but it’s just the opposite. And people are learning more about the process and that just makes my heart all glad. I have to shout out to Lynn Baber, who is the best of many things, and who saw the article about this project in New York and said “hey, we should do this.” And so we did.


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