Thursday, April 12, 2018

"The aesthetic of transformation” by David Psalmon

“The aesthetic of transformation” by David Psalmon (Augusto Boal´s Theatre of the Oppressed Methodology) June 11th to June 16th · 10:00am to 3:00pm

Boal´s disciple and award wining director (Dublin Fringe Festival), David Psalmon, comes to Chicago for this intensive workshop that will train actors on Boal´s “Theater of the Opressed” technique focused on “Forum Theatre”.

“Forum Theatre” is a weapon for social change. It is based under the assumption that its protagonist – an oppressed individual- wishes for something that is obstructed by its antagonist – an oppressor. During its representation, the “spect-actors” (audience) are invited to go on stage and replace the protagonist. The “spect-actor” will try to create a dialogue with the antagonist and find a solution to the problem exposed in the play by proposing new ways of acting-reacting with the antagonist.

During the workshop we will explore corporeal and theatrical expressions. We will devise work by sharing personal experiences and analyzing/selecting them with the ensamble. “Image Theatre” will also be explored to learn how tableaus can be used for a devising process. Students will be introduced to “Forum Theatre” roles like the oppressed, the oppressor, the joker, the spect-actor, and learn their characteristics. We will learn Improv skills particular to this form of theatre for actors to improvise with audience members, always form the character´s ideology. A show will be devised after the workshop and performed around the city.

-Performative and ludic games; improvisation and its rules.
-Devising scenes and texts based on “Image Theatre” and “Forum Theatre”.
-Staging the scenes and putting together a small show mediated by the “Joker”
-Public presentation of the show and “forum” of it at the Studio.
-Students interested in developing the show will have the opportunity to rehearse during one more week with the help of a Forum mediator (Joker) and perform in three different places around the city.

Limited to 10 actors.


Payment plans:
Students can pay in 2, 4 or 6 installments.

Where: Performing Arts Studio (630 W. Webster Ave. Chicago, IL. 60614)
Info and registration:
Scholarships available.
(773) 857-0577

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