Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Season of Concern presents the Spring 2017 AIDS Quilt Project

Please contact Frank Farrell at Season of Concern ASAP if interested in hanging a panel of the AIDS Memorial Quilt at your theater location for the months of March and April 2017. These 12 ft. X 12 ft. panels are ones made in memory of Chicago area theatre professionals who we lost to AIDS. Each panel includes 8 separate 3 ft. by 6 ft. panels (the size of a grave) in memory of 8 people who lost their lives due to AIDS.

Although Season of Concern always welcomes donations, this Spring 2017 AIDS Quilt Project’s focus is about awareness as theatre professionals in Chicago unite in remembrance of those we lost as we display their beautiful quilt panels at Chicago’s many theater, library and business locations. Quilt panels will be delivered to theater locations and there will be no expense asked from any theater that participates.
• All displays must be indoors
• Display area should be regularly monitored and be able to be locked when display hosts or building security is unavailable to monitor the area
• Quilt must be hung; it may not be laid out on the floor
• The area where the Quilt will be hung should measure at least 12 ft. by 12 ft.
• Nearby the panel should be a description posted of the panel

Are you interested? Contact Frank Farrell at or at (312) 332-0518 ASAP to get the ball rolling

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