Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Women in Theatre Public Forum

January 9th, 7pm, at Vagabond School of the Arts 4001 N Ravenswood Ave #504, Chicago, IL 60613.
On January 9th, a public forum will be held to dream together about the kind of culture we would like to see become a reality. Our goal is to see female and female-identified artists empowered to live and create in an environment that respects, honors, supports, and uplifts them. We know that each of your voices, perspectives, experiences, and desires are important. The world needs to hear from women like you. Let’s take another step onward and upward on January 9th.

Other goals of the forum:
-promote unity among women in the industry
-empower women by affirming that they are in fact powerful, talented, individuals whose voices need to be heard
-provide a space to talk and dream about the positive change we want to see through small group discussion
-introduce a mentorship program
-get people connected to further breakout sessions that will focus on one issue to give more space for processing and empowerment.

Finally, if you are at all inclined. please pass the word along. Here is our eventbrite, and our Facebook event page . If you have a social media presence, we would appreciate it you spread the word!

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